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All of Us Are Dead
All of Us Are Dead
지금 우리 학교는
只今 우리 學校는
Jigeum uri hakgyoneun
Alternate Names School Attack, Now at Our School, 殭屍校園, ตอนนี้ โรงเรียนของเรา.., Estamos muertos
Genre Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Action, Fantasy
Status Completed
Author Joo Dong-geun
Illustrator Joo Dong-geun
Content Rating Webtoon intended for readers 18 and over
Release Day Wednesday
Publisher Naver
English Publisher LINE Webtoon
Chapters 131
Original Run May 13, 2009 - November 9, 2011

All of Us Are Dead is a webtoon by Joo Dong-geun.


Life at Hyosan High School is nothing special… until the students realize they’re in ground zero of a deadly virus that turns its victims into flesh-eating monsters. As the virus tears through their schoolmates in a matter of hours, they realize they have nowhere to run. Trapped in their high school with zombified versions of their friends and teachers, they must find a way to fight -- and escape with their lives.


A South Korean drama exists.

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