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Blood Ocean
Blood ocean.jpg
블러드 오션

Genre Sci-Fi
Status Completed
Author Poongkyung Studios
Illustrator Poongkyung Studios
English Publisher Tapas Media
Original Run October 16, 2006 - March 3, 2008

Blood Ocean is a webtoon by Poongkyung Studios.


Desperation leads humanity to eternal life, but will they be able to harvest its power? Or will it eventually lead to their end.

Humanity has long sought to discover the secrets of eternal life. Many have suffered and died in search of the legendary "Fountain of Youth," but none have succeeded on Earth. The answer comes unexpectedly when humanity is forced into space when Earth becomes imminently inhabitable.

Blood Ocean is a story based in the Pioneering Age of Space. War between the Federation and the Colonies plagues the galaxy as each fight to claim the Colquitt as their own. In the midst of the disaster, conspiracies and plot twists are revealed.

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