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Bongcheon-Dong Ghost
Bongcheon-Dong Ghost.jpg
봉천동 귀신
Alternate Names 봉천동귀신, Bongcheondonggwisin, [ENG ver.] Bongcheon-Dong Ghost - HORANG (봉천동귀신 영문판), Bongcheondong Gwisin - Remastered -, Bongcheon-dong-gwisin - Remastered -, Bongcheondonggwisin - Remastered -, The Ghost of Bongcheon-dong, 裏参道の幽霊, 奉天洞鬼, ผีเขตบงชอน, Hantu Bongcheon, El fantasma de Bongcheon-dong, Sur le chemin de la maison
Genre Horror, Thriller
Status Completed
Author Horang
Illustrator Horang
Publisher Naver
English Publisher LINE Webtoon
Original Run The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmares (Korean version): August 23, 2011
Horang's Nightmare (Remastered): November 2, 2020

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost is a one off webtoon written and illustrated by Horang (Studio Horang).


It was part of series of short webtoon stories under the title, The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmares (Korean version).

This webtoon is considered by many to be one of the most horrifying online comics of all time. The story references the real-life 2002 suicide of "Mrs. Cho", a woman who lived in the area. The reason behind her suicide was the loss of her child due to a divorce settlement. The comic tells of the mother's ghost who terrifies a young schoolgirl while looking for her daughter. It is well known for it's two jump scare animations of the mother and sounds of grinding bone. Some say it is based on eye witness accounts, and if you see her, the best thing to do is to point at the farthest area around you and run, for she will go to find her baby there.

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