Confession 411
Genre Romance
Status Ongoing
Author Soo-Yeon Won
Illustrator Soo-Yeon Won
Publisher Comico
English Publisher Spottoon
Chapters 70+

Confession is a webtoon by Soo-Yeon Won, who also wrote Full House and Mary Stayed Out All Night.


A seemly perfect man, Y-rul, decides to become a priest to repent and escape his broken past where he lost his true love, Shio. He is beloved by his congregation and women who meet him can't help but be attracted to his seemly perfect exterior. But the young Father is not as perfect as everyone thinks he is. He has a complicated and traumatic past that he has tried to overcome through his faith. He tries to pay for his sins through his priesthood.

The thing that haunts him the most is his first love Shio. They were madly in love but fate separated them years ago. Y-rul has no clue why Shio suddenly vanished from his life but after she left, he became a priest. But fate plays a cruel trick on him, when one day a woman enters his confession booth and it's none other than Shio herself. She unknowingly confesses to Daniel that she is getting married in two weeks but is still in love with the man who disappeared from her life without a trace. Their passion and love for each other is evident but the restraints that exist in their current lives as well as the pain of the past, may be too much for them to overcome.

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