Daughter of the Emperor
Daughteremp tt
황제의 외동딸
Alternate Names The Emperor's Only Daughter
Genre Drama, Fantasy
Status Ongoing
Author Rino
Illustrator Yunsul
Publisher Kakaopage
English Publisher Tappytoon
Chapters 114+
Original Run August 5, 2015 - ?

Daughter of the Emperor is a webtoon by Rino and Yunsul.


Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent. And so my life begins with this ridiculously long name, born to royalty and the center of attention — all because of one dangerous man; the veritably insane tyrant king, ruthless conqueror of ten empires, nightmare of all continents… and my father?! Will I be able to survive this maniac? Based on the hit series of novels.



  • Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent: She is the main protagonist of Daughter of the Emperor. She is a 24-year old woman who was murdered in her previous life, but reincarnated as the only daughter of Caitel Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent of the Agrigent Empire. Caitel chose to keep Ariadna alive, even when Princess Jereina gave birth to her to get revenge for her country and put a curse on her. The story starts when she is born, and follows her as she continues to grow up. Many people comment on Ariadna's appearance, saying that she is either cute or lovely. It is said several times in the novel that she looks similar to her father, but does not take after her mother. Ariadna has red eyes, and light silver-pinkish hair that was originally just drawn as silver hair at the beginning of the novel.


  • Caitel Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent: He is the Emperor of the Agrigent Empire. He is also known as the Mad Tyrant, a ruthless dictator who is feared by everyone. He is the father of Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agrigent. Caitel is noted to be an exceptionally handsome man in his 30s. He has silver hair that has a salmon tint to it, and has bright red eyes. His eyes noticeably grow darker when he experiences negative emotions, such as disgust, sadness or anger.
  • Princess Jereina: She was the heir of a Kingdom to the North and Ariadna's mother. Like the other princesses in Emperor Caitel's Harem, she was a hostage from his conquests. She locked herself away to hide her pregnancy.

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