Girls of the Wild's
Alternate Names 소녀 the Wild's, Teenage Girls: The Wild's
Genre Action, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Shounen
Status Completed
Author HUN
Illustrator Zhena
Release Day Sunday
Publisher Naver
English Publisher LINE Webtoon
Chapters 250+
Original Run August 7, 2011 - October 29, 2016

Girls of the Wild's is a Sunday Naver webtoon by the artist of Pet Diary and Nineteen, Twenty One, Zhena (Kim Hye-jin), and the writer, HUN, tell the story of a few little wild girls and their war-like life.


Song Jae-gu is a student working a part time job and taking care of his two siblings. He has to do this due to his father dying and his mother leaving the family. He accepts a scholarship to an all girls school, which now makes it co-ed. Jae-gu is the only male student so far. These are not ordinary school girls, they're trained in martial arts and never talked to boys before. Havoc insues...

Main Characters

Jae port
Song Jae-gu: Is the main character. His father died and his mother left the family, leaving him to raise his younger twin siblings all by himself. This resulted in Jae-gu in hating all women. He has a part time job as a car washer to support his family.
Queen port
Queen: Yoon In-gyi is the Wild's league champion. she's a mixed martial artist, and is seen to be proficient in nearly every form of martial arts so. Queen is the schools star athlete. She initially hated boys due to a childhood incident.
Daldal port
Choi Dal-dal: She is a student that studies taekwondo and has a massive crush on Jae-gu. She's the shortest of all the girl characters. Dal-dal wears tiger ears.
Moonyoung port
Lee Moon-young: She is the boxer that trains Jae-gu and is the best friend of In-gyi. She wears a red tracksuit much of the time.
Lee Go-seul: She is a first year student who has twin pig tails and wears glasses. She trains in Wushu and is hinted to be very powerful.

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