Grandis – The Ancient War
그란디스-고대의 전쟁
Alternate Names Grandis -The Ancient War-, 그란디스 - 고대의 전쟁, 그란디스 -고대의 전쟁-
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Action
Status Completed
Author Kim Dazzi
Illustrator Kim Dazzi
Publisher Korean MapleStory
English Publisher Global MapleStory
Chapters 3
Original Run July 25 - August 3, 2017 (first)
October 9, 2018 (second)

Grandis – The Ancient War is a webtoon written and art by Kim Dazzi.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This work is the webtoon of MapleStory. Nexon has commissioned writer and artist to draw this work, which serves as a prologue of Illium's story.

This story reveals Agate's past.

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