Homo Sexience
Homo Sexience
Genre Mature, Comedy
Status Ongoing
Author Dogado
Illustrator Dogado
Publisher Money Today
English Publisher Tapas
Chapters 1332+

Homo Sexience is a gag webtoon by dogado.


Sexuality is as integral to human existence as opening a can of soda with your opposable thumbs. So is a desire for fun. Sexience offers both on a digital platter for your leisurely consumption. Sexience is a humorous exploration of human sexuality in its diverse glory. Fun and sexy spoofs of popular folktales such as Arabian Nights and The Ring, riffs on superheroes and their bedroom issues and much more!

NOTE: Most of the strips are considered NSFW. So, you'll have sign up for an account at Tapastic to view them.

Dogado was drew the webtoon Aisopos.

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