Jungle High School
Jungle High School
입시명문사립 정글고등학교
Alternate Names College Entrance Prestigious School Jungle high school, Distinguished Private School for Entrance Examination: Jungle High School, A Gifted High School for the College Entrance Exams, 정글 고등학교, 정글고, Jungle High
Genre Slice of Life, Comedy
Status Completed
Author Kim Kyusam
Illustrator Kim Kyusam
Publisher Naver
Original Run January 16, 2006 - January 27, 2011

Jungle High School is a Naver webtoon made by Kim Kyusam.


Admission to the elite entrance examination private Jungle High School! Welcome to Jungle High School.

This work is about a life which an ordinary Korean student would live in real life. This work dealt with the social problem of student.

This work gained some empathy from many people who're high school students now and experienced that time, and Kim Kyusam became a famous comic artist.

This work helped the app gain traction among readers, which hit 30 million monthly, up from 17 million readers in 2014.

The rest people except Bul Sajo is almost human.

The 10 thousand years wild ginseng is famous.

The school motto is "The strong devour the weak".

Jung Heesun hugs Bul Sajo doll, and it's actually made to product.

In the 2008, July issue of the New Type, this Drama CD (Korean) is included in the appendix.


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