Kang Full (or Kang Pool, Hangul: 강풀) is the pen name of Kang Do-young (born December 7, 1974), a South Korean webcomic artist. He is perhaps the most famous and most sucessful of all webtoon artists.

Regarded as a first generation webcomic artist, Kang had no formal teaching in either writing or drawing comics. His interest stemmed from painting wall posters for the student body at Sangji University, turning them into eye-catching comics in order to attract attention. As a student, he earned the nickname Kang Full by often wearing green clothes, 'full'(풀) meaning 'grass'(풀) in Korean.

Kang decided to become a comic artist prior to his graduation, but initially received little interest from publishers. In April 2002, he launched a personal website and began posting his work online, to great success. By 2008, his comics had reached in excess of 300 million page views. Kang has also drawn attention from the Korean film industry, and several films, including APT, BA:BO and Hello, Schoolgirl, have been based on his work. He has also been hired as the screenwriter for a prequel to the 2006 film The Host.

List of Works Edit

  • Sunjeong Manhwa (2003)
  • Fool
  • Apartment
  • Timing (2005)
  • 26 Years
  • I Love You
  • Neighbor
  • Again
  • Every Moment of Your Life
  • Lamp Shop
  • Moving
  • Bridge