Korean Folk Tale Cartoon is a series of webtoons based on Korean folktales and legends.


The King Sejong Institute Foundation in Seoul has produced a webtoon series in five languages to help non-Koreans better understand Korean culture.

Twenty-four folktales, including “Kyunwoo and Jiknyo” and “The Sun and the Moon,” will be published as a weekly webtoon series ― digital cartoons regularly released through portal sites ― on the foundation’s website in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish according to the Korea Herald.

“We developed a webtoon series, with content that is unique to Korea, and other language learning content, for those who want to learn the language more easily and freely,” said Song Hyang-geun, the president of the foundation.

List of Folk TalesEdit

  • The Three Inheritances
  • The Tiger and Traveler
  • The Threaded Tigers
  • The Tiger Brother and Woodcutter

External LinksEdit

  • Korean Folk Tale Cartoon at Just click on the Tiger to go to the webtoons (Note: There are language options for English, Japanese, and Chinese).