Korean Webtoons Wiki

This lists Korean webtoon sites big and small.

The Big Three[]

1. Naver webtoon: [1]

Largest Webtoon Portal
Notable webtoons: Tower of God, Noblesse
223 Webtoons listed


Oldest Webtoon Portal
Notable webtoons: Moss, The Great Catsby, Sunjeong Manhwa, Trace
117 Webtoons listed

3. Nate webtoon: [3]

11 Webtoons listed

Why are they "big 3"? They are backed up by big companies and are able to host & support a lot of webtoon authors financially. They also do contests often to bring new blood in. Prizes for their contests are charming with cash prize going up to 10,000 bucks.

Smaller Companies[]

➤ DC Inside Serial Cartoon Gallery: [4]

Webtoons: Couch-potato Family, Dasepo Naughty Girls, Space China Dress

This is a gallery of DC Inside. There are many cartoon related galleries on the site. Among them, this gallery is the most relevant to make webtoons. There is a difference from the webtoon gallery. The gallery is the center of creative webtoon work. And the webtoon gallery is the center of the webtoon commentary. It's analogous to the 4Chan for its image and influence upon Korean internet culture. This gallery was created in 2002 when Kim Poong's comic (Couch-potato Family) was removed from the gallery because he didn't have a proper gallery to upload the comic, and he asked DC inside to install a proper gallery by e-mail. This is similar to Naver's Challenge Manhwa. The webtoon creators can publish their webtoon elsewhere to promote their creations. There are manhwagas here who became famous later.

Manhwagas:Kim Poong, B-rate Dalgung, Joo Ho-min, Kkomabi, Lee malnyeon (malnyun), Masatokki, Choi Bong-su, Bae Jinsoo (Zinus2)

➤ Ruliweb Comic Board: [5]

Webtoon: Space China Dress

This is a board of Ruliweb. There are also many cartoon related boards on the site. This is similar to Naver's Challenge Manhwa. This is the next big site except for Naver Challenge Manhwa and Daum Webtoon League, which is the concept of selecting a spare webtoon. The webtoon creators can publish their webtoon elsewhere to promote their creations. There are manhwagas here who became famous later. The authors overlap the DC Inside Serial Cartoon Gallery. 'Ruliweb's a Small Group of Cartoonist Aspirants' is exist.

Lezhin Comics: [6] One of bigger and more successful commercial webtoon sites. It's been around longer than others as well. They've managed to tie contracts with several decent webtoon authors and have a mix of regular and adult webtoons. Most are pay-to-view or have grace period before being able to view for free. They also offer webtoons in Japanese. Has been embroiled in controversies, such as editors and creators having links to cult of Eight Goddesses and not paying creators for "reasons". 58 Webtoons listed

➤ Kakaopage: http://m.k-comics.com/[7] This is webtoon site of Kakaotalk. For mobile phones only. It can be viewed with a desktop ok enough. It mirrors many KAKAO WEBTOONs as well some exclusives like Adonis. 47 Webtoons listed

➤ Ktoon: [8] Formerly known as Ollehmarket Webtoons, it's been rebranded as "Ktoon" and is now focusing on pay-to-view webtoons. Ollehmarket Webtoon division used to suck. And I do mean that. But for past few years, they've been actively hosting contests and brought new blood in. They now have some good webtoons going on. 5 Webtoons listed

➤ Selltoon: [9] It's like what the name says. It's a website to sell webtoon. And this website follows a simple rule of "Sex sells". Most webtoons are for adults. All of them are paid webtoon of fairly low quality. Or good quality if you just want to see couples making out.

➤ Toptoon: [10] One of those webtoon sites similar to Selltoon, Mtoon, Ttale. 4 Webtoons listed

➤ Onestore Webtoon: [11] T store is a web store that deals with a lot of different media. Webtoon is one of them. All free webtoons and do have some decent ones. The site carters to mobile users. Their new name is Onestore.

➤ Comic Story: [12] Commercial webtoon site similar to Selltoon, Mtoon, Top toon, and Lezhin.

➤ Foxtoon: [13] Commercial webtoon site. They have a tendency of allowing far greater BL webtoons. 2 Webtoons listed

Comico: [14] Yet another commercial webtoon site. One of it's most popular webtoons is RE:Life, a Japanese webtoon. Also owns Smackjeeves, an US webcomic portal. 15 Webtoons listed

➤ Comica: [15] Yet another commercial webtoon site. Not to be confused with Comico. 13 Webtoons listed

➤ Bomtoon: [16] Yet another commercial webtoon site. 10 Webtoons listed

➤ Toomics: [17] Used to be called "Zzamtoon". Rebranded as Toomics recently. Toomics has recently translated and published English versions of their webtoons. 19 Webtoons listed

➤ Bookcube: [18] 3 Webtoons listed

➤ Mr. Blue: [19] 7 Webtoons listed

➤ Pikicast: [20]

➤ Peanutoon: [21]

News Sites with Webtoons[]

Sites listed below are not dedicated webtoon sites but rather these sites offer webtoon as a bonus (or a bait). Most are news websites offering only handful of low quality but sometimes enjoyable webtoons. This very similar to newspapers having a comic strip page.

➤ Booknews: [22] It has few webtoons. This is a news website of Kyobobook.

➤ Money Today: [23]

Webtoons: Homo Sexience

➤ The Sports Today: [24]

Webtoons: MeRanCoRi

➤ The Daily Sports: [25]

Webtoons: Parallel Lives

Brand Webtoons[]

The some webtoon, which is sponsored by companies, organizations, and public organizations, is called the brand webtoon. There're more than 100 brand webtoons currently in the Naver. Compared to 400 ~ 500 of the number of works of general Naver webtoons, although it is small, it is still plenty. Since it was made for the promotion of South Korean organizations, so it's rarely officially translated into English. 9 Webtoons listed

Naver brand webtoon: [26]

Attention Please! (2011): Samsung Electronics×Jungle High School×Noblesse
Splashy Lassie Club (2013): TN (Postvisual - EnglishGirls of the Wild's×Noblesse
Welcome to Pizza World (Korean, 2014), Domino's Pizza×Yummy! Unlicensed Cooking
Stick and Remove! Unlicensed Homemade Food(Korean, 2014), Tefal×Yummy! Unlicensed Cooking
Black Mage: Origin (2018): MapleStory

Games Sites with Webtoons[]

Sites listed below aren't dedicated webtoon sites but rather these sites offer webtoon as a bonus. These sites use the webtoons that are based on the background of game to promote the game. Or let the gamers read the webtoon and get interested.

▶ Nexon
NEXUS: The Kingdom of the Winds
Webtoon:Jorang's the Kingdom of the Winds Diary(2002)
MapleStory: [27]

Victory Maple (2007)
Maple Who Are You (2007)
Cygnus Knights (?)
MapleStory BIGBANG (2010)
RisingStar (2011)
Children of Goddess (2013)
Damien (2013)
Wing Masters (2014)
Grandis – The Ancient War (2017)
Maple 9th Anniversary Celebration Webtoons:
Yummy! Unlicensed Maple Cooking (Korean, 2012), Yummy! Unlicensed Cooking
Maple EARTHling Friend (Korean, 2012), Immature EARTHling Friend
Tower of God! Interview Testimonial Awarded with Wolhaiksong (Korean, 2012) - (Raw) Rough English Transcript, Tower of God Part 2! Crown Games (Korean, 2012) - English, Tower of God
Black Mage: Origin (2018)

▶ NCsoft (Bufftoon, NC Comics, NC Comix)
Aion: The Tower of Eternity: La Velloka, A Thousand Years of Waiting (Korean, 2015)
Master X Master

Webtoons: Sigmund's Letter, The Doomsday, Close Up The World, Mommy, Me and Komi, Rage, Boy Without A Name, The Fist, Sniper Girl, Golden Gunner

Informative Webtoon Sites[]

➤ Webtoon Insight: [28] This is a site that deals with user webtoon reviews, discussions, ongoing news & issues with webtoon sites and whatnot.

➤ Webtoon Guide: [29] This site has information about webtoons and Foreign comics.

Dead Sites[]

➤ Paran Cartoons: [30]

Webtoons: 1001, Kkongsimi NOTE (Korean)

The site existed at one time but is now dead. Some of the completed webtoons went to Yahoo! Cartoon World, and when Yahoo! Cartoon is dead they are went to Ollehmarket Webtoons (Ktoon).

➤ Yahoo! Cartoon World: [31]

Webtoons: Orobo Batoo, Rami Record

It was started by Yahoo in 2008. (Korean) This is a dead webtoon site. Some of the webtoons here have gone to other sites.

➤Tomonari: [32]

Webtoons: My TURN, Hitman, King of Jokgu, Donghyuk

This is a Korean clothing site. There is a webtoon corner in this site. There are only 3 webtoons. Jokgu is a Korean style sports similar to Sepaktakraw, and it's also called 'foot volleyball'. The site had an event. If the guest commented on a chapter of webtoon, the site was gave the mileage. The date of the most recent serialized webtoon is October 4, 2013. The webtoon doesn't come up after that. This site is still selling clothes.

➤ Nodecomics: http://www.webtoonstar.com/[33] This is a dying webtoon site. It is operated by a very small company. At first, which was some years ago, they clearly had ambitions. They hosted fairly big contests and brought 3 good webtoon authors in, all of whom have now left for better pay. The old Webtoon star is now closed and their new name is Nodecomics. It's not very good.

➤ Ttale: [34] This is a dead webtoon site. Used to be completely free. Got a taste for money and started to progressively turn into pay-to-view site. Only known notable webtoon is Black Haze, formerly on Naver's Challenge league. This was because it was fan translated.