Genre Fantasy
Status Completed
Author KIM Sarae
Illustrator KIM Sarae
Release Day Thursday
Publisher Naver
English Publisher LINE Webtoon
Seasons Three
Chapters 531
Original Run October 31, 2007 - February 21, 2018

Magician is a Naver webtoon by KIM Sarae.


In the village of Adatt, Iremi, the tomboy granddaughter of a local witch, sees the infamous immortal mage Edermask passing by. After an attack on the hometown, she chooses to travel with him accross the world dragging her childhood friend, the novice swordsman Enzu, as Edermask tries to find the secret to his own immortality. However along with Edermask come bounty hunters attempting to hunt him for the prospect of immortality. All the while there seem to be some hunters that have an ulterior motive for bringing in Edermask. However, in the background there is a war going on between the two powerful nations Teodorl and Aleumhan in order to rule the sea!

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This webtoon did have an official translation by iSeetoon but the company seems to have folded.

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