Muyong Jiyong
Alternate Names Useful Good-for-Nothing
Genre Drama
Status Completed
Author Lee Soo-hyun
Illustrator Lee Soo-hyun
Publisher Nate
Chapters 73

Muyong Jiyong is a webtoon by Lee Soo-hyun.


Cha Ji-Yyoung is a mediocre journalist who makes a terrible mistake and is forced to make amends for his fault. Ji-Yyoung is forced to cross dress by his editor and enter a woman's university to reveal corruption. His ... interesting life as a 22 [year-old] female dancing student begins...


Cha Ji-Yyoung is the main character in this webtoon. After screwing up a major report, his editor gives him one last chance to redeem himself by forcing him cross dress and attend all girls' university.

Shin Te-Min is Ji-Yyong's coworker contact for their editor when he doesn't pick up his cell phone.

Ji Na-Young is one of the first students to befriend Ji-Yyoung. Na-Young is beautiful, smart, and the student president. She harbors a few secrets.

Han Hye-Ri is Ji-Yyoung's roommate. She tried to forcing him out by having a dirty room and being aloof to him. She eventually tolerates and becomes more friendly to him. Like Na-Young, she also has a few secrets.

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