Nowhere Boy
List of Characters
지상 최악의 소년
Alternate Names The Worst Boy on Earth
Genre Fantasy
Status Completed
Author JUNG Pil-won
Illustrator JUNG Pil-won
Release Day Wednesday
Publisher Naver
Chapters 31
Original Run 2011.06.15

Nowhere Boy is a webtoon by JUNG Pil-won.


The competition to choose the world's unluckiest human?!

The world is in peril and only because God was too kind for his own good. Giving the most unhappy person in the world, a Korean school boy named Lee Hyun, one free wish, he causes the end of the world because the boy wishes so. God tries to get Lee Hyun to change his wish but to no avail. So God gives him a 100 days to change his mind.

To make up for his blunder, he tells the happiest person in the world, manhwa artist Oh Duk Hee, to make the boy change his mind in 100 days. As her aides she gets a nine-tailed fox, a grim reaper, a vampire, a Magical Girl, a superhero, a wizard, an angel, a devil, a Robot Girl, an insane girl, a zombie girl and a plant, the so called new 12 Apostles.

They try their best to revive Lee's will to live, at first rather light-heartedly, but as time marches on, their struggle gets more desperate as their wills are slowly broken as they succumb to the feeling of utter worthlessness. Can they save the world by finding out the mystery of Lee Hyun's past?

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