Rainstorm is a webtoon commissioned by Women's Human Rights Commission of Korea and created by Noh Myeong-hee and Baek Sang-eun


In commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the anti-prostitution act in 2014, the Women’s Human Rights Commission of Korea has diversified its media channels and amplified its online voice in order to promote a social consensus on the eradication of prostitution and a peaceful society free from prostitution.

In consideration of the recent popularity of the format, a webtoon was adopted as a new outlet for helping eliminate prejudice against prostituted victims. The anti-prostitution-themed public service webtoon Rainstorm was distributed on the WHRCK webpage dedicated to the online promotion of the prevention of prostitution.

The webtoon, which received more than 20,000 views, featured twelve episodes in total and was also accessible via mobile devices and now it is also distributed to other related organizations's webpage to reach more viewers.

The webtoon presents a story of friendship and courage while exposing the realities of prostitution.

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  • Rainbow on Women's Human Rights Commission of Korea website. (Korean)