Rami Record
Rami Record
Alternate Names (S.E.) 라미레코드, (S.E.) 라미 레코드, S.E. 라미 레코드, 라미 레코드, Rami's Record, (S.E.) ラミレコード
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Status Completed
Author Yang Young-soon
Illustrator Yang Young-soon
Release Day Tuesday, Friday
Publisher Yahoo! Cartoon World, Naver, LINE Webtoon (Japanese)
Volumes 1
Chapters Yahoo! Cartoon World: 19
Denma's Korean (original) version: 4
Original Run Yahoo! Cartoon World: August 8 - October 14, 2008
Denma's Korean version: April 2 - 4, 2013

Rami Record is a Yahoo! webtoon with story and art by Yang Young-soon.


Joshua's soul, who was murdered by cognation and scattered in the Intersecting Space of parallel universes... Starting from here, the religion of love and retribution 'Church of Madonna' ...You have waited a long time. 'Huh~!' Shall we start now?

In 2008, Yang Young-soon created this webtoon. The SF-style religious group which is already appeared in the MAAT and Iron Dog John Doe, it's named the Church of Madonna. The main character is Rami, who's pre-priestess, and Soy, Jay, Abigail, June, the other Guardian priests, Agnes are appear. It also appear the next world, and the unknown ability. Maybe this unknown ability is Penetration.

On June 4 ~ July 29, 2008, in the Yahoo! Cartoon World, Yang Young-soon present the preparation process for the this work of the character, the plot, etc. vividly. That work's name is Yanggun's Miscellaneous Thoughts. Yanggun's Miscellaneous Thoughts isn't seems to be Yang Young-soon's sketches collection than a webtoon. But since this was serialized on the webtoon site, the people usually see it as webtoon.

It's later revealed in Denma that the background of this space is the universe eight. And the temporal background of this is also revealed to be 21 years ago in Denma. And a year later, A Catnap starts.

It was unfortunately ended. It was serialized August 8 ~ October 14, 2008 in the 'Yahoo! Cartoon World' which was Yahoo! Korea's Webtoon service. But when Yahoo! Korea ended on December 31, 2012, the author re-serialized (Special Edition, S.E.) this in Naver, Denma after the end of A Catnap A.E.

In the Denma's English version, the translator skips this work and translates 2. A.E., so the readers protest that why skips this work. This is because there is a religious problem (Christianity) in (1) (Korean, In Denma, it's (1) too) and a political problem (North Korean defectors) in throughout the plot. It may be a copyright issue with Yahoo! Cartoon World, but it may not be because the Japanese version has been translated.


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