Ran's Formula
란의 공식
Genre Fantasy
Status Completed
Author Yang Young-soon
Illustrator Yang Young-soon
Publisher Daum, Kakaopage
Volumes 2
Chapters 17
Original Run Preview: April 30, 2007
July 18 ~ November 30, 2007

Ran's Formula is a webtoon by Yang Young-soon.


Is it a coincidence? The inevitable result that looks like a coincidence. 'Ran' observes the surroundings daily. People have their own way of behaving and repeated movements. Ran is observes and records regularly. In some cases, these facts become very useful. Now all of these situations are combined and lead to an accident. What you need is the junction where the copper wire meets the copper wire. If you're missing or missing, you need to manipulate the situation. This is the inevitable impersonation of coincidence! Everyone has the same life pattern, and there is movement and movement that repeats every day. If the threads extending in such a certain direction are entangled at a certain point, it becomes a motive for 'accidental thinking'. But what if someone is closely observing and grasping the point at which such a lot of threads are entangled and entangled? Like a butterfly effect, if you just moved an object to another location, could a person die?

Ran, who's in the prestigious private school where the children of the upper class family go, as a labor student. Because of the unfavorable family environment and rare immune diseases, Ran's only hobby is to observe and record people's behavior and repetitive movements. Ran's the biggest happiness is to watches Ginny, but he's angry and planning vengeance, because he saw that same classmate Ryu kissed her one day. Ran uses elaborate designs for revenge by taking advantage of people's behavior and repeated movements, but unlike his plan, Ryu is dead. Ran discovered that there's another designer, finding its existence...

Ran of Denma's name motif is said to be based on Ran, who's the protagonist of this work. Ran of Denma causes events by using the causality, like Ran of this work.

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