Something About 30: Born in 85
Alternate Names Something About 30
Born in 85
Genre Romance, Comedy
Status Ongoing
Author Hyewon
Illustrator Hyewon
Release Day Saturday
Publisher Bomtoom, Bookcube, Comica
English Publisher TappyToon, Spottoon, Tapas
Chapters 86+
Original Run June 26, 2015 - August 27, 2016

Something About 30: Born in 85 is a webtoon by Hyewon.


Up-and-coming webtoon artist Jiwon meets her childhood crush by chance on a new project, but this cute guy doesn't seem to recognize her? Between the stress of work, relationships and friends, can she find love soon enough? After all, age is just a number! Being born in ’85 means she’s that much smarter and more experienced for everything life -or any guy or gal- might throw her way.

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