The Sock Monster
Socks goblin
Alternate Names The Sock Goblin
Genre Romance, Fantasy, Slice of Life
Status Completed
Author Manmulsang (Yeon-Jae)
Illustrator Manmulsang
Publisher Daum
English Publisher Spottoon, TappyToon
Seasons Three
Chapters 90

The Sock Monster is a webtoon written by Manmulsang with art by Yeon-Jae.


The Island of Four Seasons is made up of four villages, Spring Flower Village, Blazing Sun Village, Five Color Autumn Leaves Village, and the dreadfully cold Snowflake Village. Sujin is a adventurous girl who has just been hired by a Bigfoot Bank in Snowflake Village. Now she must leave her warm home behind and venture out into a world of strangers. However, something dreadful is following her……. her socks are missing! - Spottoon

As she takes on a new job, Sujin ventures out beyond her village into the bigger world of Four Seasons. On her journey she meets a colorful bunch of fantastical creatures and fairy-tale friends who help her along the way, including a bundle of mischief called the Sock Monster. - TappyToon

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