Welcome to the Convenience Store
와라! 편의점
Alternate Names Wara! Pyuni-jeom
Genre Comedy, Gag Comic
Status Unknown
Author Ji Gang-min
Illustrator Ji Gang-min
Release Day Wednesday
Publisher Naver
Chapters 400+
Original Run 2008.07.02 - 2009.05.06

Welcome to the Convenience Store is a Naver webtoon about slice of life webtoon that takes in the Friendmart convenience store. The webtoon is drawn in the kkomaengi style.

The stories and gags are drawn from the manhwaga's and the readers' experiences from working at convenience stores.

The webtoon has been adapted into a web animation series, Welcome to the Convenience Store the Animation.


  • Type: Comedy, Slice of life


Kim Hye Yeon
Kim Hye Yeon: The morning clerk of Friendmart. She's quite friendly until she gets angry. Afterwards, the person she is angry at is seen with a giant bump on their head and forced to do the duck walk. Hye Yeon surfs the web as a hobby.
Lim Euna
Lim Euna: She is the afternoon clerk of Friendmart. Euna is a high school student. She is so popular from boys because of her cute face. However, despite this, Euna has no boyfriend. She is often seen eating sometimes, even eating foods that past it's expiration date.
Gang Min Jun
Gang Min Jun: He is the midnight clerk of Friendmart. He enjoys reading comics and sees himself as a super hero. Unfortunately, he is often seen being pushed around by the drunken guests that come to Friendmart.
Mr Manager
Mr. Manager: He is a manager of the taeyeon branch of Friendmart. He is lazy and He doesn't care about other's opinion.
  • Ahn So Yi: She is a new clerk of CS24, the rival of Friendmart. She always dilligent and she is always positive in her life.

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