Yang Young-soon (양영순) is a comic artist (born December 2, 1971) from South Korea who made his debut in 1995. He created comics like Nudlnude, Junk Book, Kidongi ('The Little Boy'), Kungdariman and webtoon Asekkiga. With his debut comic Nudlnude, Yang Young-soon brought forth a new way of showing sexuality in a comic, so also Denma contains a lot of sexual parts. His use of metaphors and sumptuous graphics made him a popular artist for male readers. His later work, Kidongi and Asekkiga also made him a popular artist for a juvenile audience. Source

Through 1001, he spread the concept of the infinite canvas to South Korea. A Study on the Comics Direction of Webtoon: Focused on the Major Works of Web Comics (Korean, English abstract, Sign up to read treatise)

In 1995, he created a comic MAAT. This is the main character of Maat, a high priest of the SF-style religious group. And in 1998, he created a comic Iron Dog John Doe and the SF-style religious group also appears. The main character is Abigail, who changed both arms into cyborgs, and Yujin appears. The background is planet Gaia. In 2005, he created a comic Sambanijo and it deals with the contents related to the past life, and shows how to get the super power. In 2008, he created a webtoon Rami Record. The SF-style religious group is named the Church of Madonna. The main character is Rami, who's pre-priestess, and Soy, Jay, Abigail, June, Guardian priests, Agnes appears. It also appears the past life, and the super power. In 2010, he created a webtoon Denma. The main character is Denma/Dike, and the characters of Iron Dog John Doe and Rami Record are gathered together and the story follows. And the super power is named the Quanx. Ran of Denma's name motif is said to be based on Ran, who's the protagonist of Ran's Formula. Ran of Denma causes events by using the causality, like Ran of Ran's Formula.

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