Yumi's Cells
Yumi cells
유미의 세포들
Genre Fantasy
Status Ongoing
Author Donggun Lee
Illustrator Donggun Lee
Content Rating Webtoon intended for readers 12 and over
Publisher Naver
English Publisher LINE Webtoon

Yumi's Cells is a webtoon by Donggun Lee.


Inside Yumi, a 32 year old office worker, lives thousands of tiny blue-hooded cells that control her every mood, thought, and action.

Yumi likes her younger colleague, Wook. A lot of things prevent her from pursuing him like being insecure about her age and her love rival, Rubi. Though, Yumi's cells are willing to do anything for Yumi's happiness.

Wook seems to be interested in her too; wanting to talk to her and go out with her. Yumi becomes overjoyed at the thought that he would confess his love. But it's all a setup for him to ask her if she wanted to go on a blind date with his friend. Yumi also finds out that he is homosexual -- so she didn't even have a chance.

Yumi becomes depressed over this, and her blind date with Wook's friend, Woong, seems to be a total bust.

As Yumi becomes more and more stressed, she faints, and Woong carries her and runs to a nearby hospital

All Yumi's thoughts and feelings are depicted as those cells.


Yumi Edit

An introverted girl who likes to eat. She likes Wook, but he turned her down. She got set up to go on a blind date with Wook's friend, Woong. Initially, she didn't like him, but after he rushes her to the hospital, she starts to take interest in him. They later break up after the topic of marriage comes up.

Her cells wear a bright blue suit with a hood whereas her prime cell aka the love cell, wears a pink hood and cape along with a white suit.

Wook Edit

He is younger than Yumi and works in the advertising department. He also confessed to liking a guy. He sets Yumi and Woong up together and does what he can to prevent Sia from breaking them up.

Rubi Edit

Yumi's colleague and love rival. She is manipulative and very determined to get Wook's love. Though, she doesn't know that Wook is homosexual.

Woong Edit

Wook's friend and gaming nerd. Before dating Yumi, he sat around playing video games all day and generally was a slob. His thought process takes the form of algorithms. After meeting her, he grew to like her, showing his dedication by carrying her to a nearby hospital after she fainted. They later break up after the topic of marriage comes up.

Sia Edit

Woong's co-worker whom he used to like. She seems to be possessive of Woong and tries to get in the way of Yumi and Woong's relationship.

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