Yummy! Unlicensed Cooking
역전! 야매요리
Alternate Names Turn Around! Fake Cooking, Unlicensed Cooking
Genre Slice of Life, Comedy
Status Completed
Author Jeong Dajeong
Illustrator Jeong Dajeong
Release Day Saturday
Publisher Naver, Dongmanmanhua (Simplified Chinese characters), LINE Webtoon (Traditional Chinese characters)
Volumes 5
Chapters 140
Original Run December 5, 2011 - August 29, 2014

Yummy! Unlicensed Cooking is a webtoon by Jeong Dajeong.


You can do it because she did it! A unlicensed cook chef who isn't afraid of failure, meet with the people as a photo comic.

This is a cooking webtoon. Jeong Dajeong doesn't waste time with proper measurement tools or run-of-the-mill kitchen utensils in this work. Interview On July 2011, Jeong Dajeong posted photos of the cooking process on a blog (Korean). As this became famous, she made it with this work.

Jeong Dajeong is playing MapleStory, so she mentioned it in this work. chapter 4 (Korean), chapter 6 (Korean). For this reason, she draws Yummy! Unlicensed Maple Cooking (Korean) which is a special webtoon of Maple 9th Anniversary. In the chapter 80 (Korean), it's mentioned again.

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